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The Cover Page of the NSW Code of Practice "First Aid in the Workplace"

Meet Tony

G’day, I’m Tony. I train for Accidental Health and Safety in Illawarra, the Highlands and the South Coast. I’d love to visit your business for onsite training. I love tailoring courses to focus on what injuries are common for your workplace, and making them engaging for your staff!

Why aren’t all training providers the same?

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We focus on practical skills.

Rather then filling our courses with stories and medical jargon, we focus our courses around the practical skills that will help your staff to be effective in emergencies.
During our courses you will learn skills such as how to treat snake bites, help a choking person, give CPR on adults and infants and treat sprains and strains.
Why not book a course with us today and experience the difference.

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We do more than just online training

When an emergency hits, you want your staff to remember their training! Our customers have told us that having in person training rather than online only training has made a huge difference to their staff. When an adrenaline kicks in during an emergency, it’s the quality in person training that will help your staff to remember and put into practice First Aid procedures

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Illawarra First Aid Onsote

If If you have six or more staff to train, we can come to your workplace and provide onsite training. Onsite training is efficient and convenient! Rather than having to book your staff in throughout the year and manage their certificate expiries, it’s easier to get it all done once each year. You won’t need to pay extra for staff to travel to a training centre, and have them available after their course is completed.

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