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  • Gauze Sterile Pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm

    $1.25 including GST

    The 873120 Gauze Sterile Pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm are a superior choice compared to cotton buds when it comes to cleaning and protecting wounds. These sterile gauze pieces are specifically designed to make it easy to clean up blood and other bodily fluids, so you can quickly and effectively treat injuries. Unlike cotton buds, which…

  • Ice/Hot Pack

    $7.67 including GST

    Introducing the Reusable Economy Hot/Cold Pack – a versatile and convenient solution for providing hot or cold therapy. This robust and high-quality pack is easy to use and perfect for a variety of applications. Use it cold to help reduce swelling after injury, cool down body temperature, ease headaches, or relieve minor burns. Or use…

  • Island Dressing

    $1.11$3.66 including GST

    Life comes with its fair share of scrapes, cuts, and lacerations. Having a reliable dressing like Island Dressing in your first aid kit can make dealing with these minor injuries less of a hassle. Its superior design aimed at promoting optimal wound healing while ensuring comfort makes it stand out in the vast sea of…

  • Knuckle Fabric Strips

    $20.43 including GST

    If you’re someone who’s dealt with a knuckle wound before, then you know how frustrating they can be. Trying to keep a bandage in place on a joint is never easy, and it can be especially difficult if you’re someone who is active or has a lot of movement in their hands. That’s where the…

  • Non-Adherent Dressing

    $0.87$0.91 including GST

    FAC Non-Adherent Dressings are designed to provide gentle and effective protection for wounds. The dressings are made from a high-quality, non-adherent material that allows the wound to heal without causing additional pain or irritation. The dressings are 5 x 7.5cm in size and come in a pack of 10, making them convenient and easy to…

  • Premium Fabric Strips 50 xwide

    $6.97 including GST
  • Premium Sheer Plastic Strips 50 pk

    $4.66 including GST
  • Wound Dressing

    $3.96$6.15 including GST

    The FAC Wound Dressing is a sterile, single-use pressure dressing that is designed to help control bleeding and promote healing of wounds. It is made from copious gauze wadding and has a built-in gauze bandage that can be easily applied to the wound. One of the key advantages of the FAC Wound Dressing is its…