First aid antiseptics are products that are used to clean and prevent infection in minor wounds. These products are typically applied directly to the wound using a cotton swab or gauze pad. Antiseptics work by killing bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infection. They are an important part of any first aid kit, and can help to prevent minor wounds from becoming more serious. Some common types of first aid antiseptics include alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine solutions. These products are typically applied directly to the wound, and should be used according to the instructions on the packaging.

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  • AEROAID Antiseptic 50ml Spray

    $8.80 including GST

    AEROAID Antiseptic 50ml Spray: Fast-Acting Relief for Minor Skin Injuries Key Features: Advanced Antiseptic Properties: Infused with melaleuca oil, known for its natural antiseptic abilities, AEROAID offers superior protection against infection. Broad-Spectrum Application: Perfect for treating minor cuts, abrasions, burns, sunburn, insect bites, stings, and itches. Safe and Gentle Formula: Blends phenoxyethanol and hydroxybenzoates, ensuring…

  • aeri antiseptic cream

    AEROAID Antiseptic Sachet 1g (With itch relief)

    $1.97 including GST

    AEROAID Antiseptic Sachet 1g with Itch Relief: Compact, Effective Skin Care Solution Product Features: Potent Antiseptic Formula: Contains melaleuca oil for its strong antiseptic properties. Dual Action: Not only does it prevent infection, but it also offers itch relief, making it perfect for insect bites and stings. Safe and Effective: Enhanced with phenoxyethanol and hydroxybenzoates…

  • antiseptic cream

    AEROAID Antiseptic Tube 25g Single

    $4.40 including GST

    EROAID Antiseptic Tube 25g Single: Soothing Protection for Minor Skin Injuries Product Features: Potent Antiseptic Formula: Contains melaleuca oil for its strong antiseptic properties. Safe and Effective: Enhanced with phenoxyethanol and hydroxybenzoates for stability and safety. Convenient Tube Format: Easy-to-apply 25g tube, perfect for on-the-go and at-home first aid kits. Versatile Use: Ideal for minor…

  • a product picture of edp antiseptic powder

    Antiseptic Powder

    $16.43 including GST

    Introducing EDP Antiseptic Powder, a premium choice for effective and swift wound care. Enriched with povidone-iodine, this powder is your trusted ally in the treatment of superficial wounds, cuts, and minor skin infections, artfully combining potent antiseptic properties with moisture-absorbing benefits to optimize the healing environment. What is EDP Antiseptic Powder used for? EDP is…

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    Chlorehexidine Antiseptic 30ml Single

    $5.67 including GST

    Chlorexidine antiseptic is a powerful, effective solution for cleaning and protecting wounds. This 30ml bottle is the perfect size for keeping in your first aid kit at home or on the go. Chlorexidine is a well-known antiseptic that has been used for decades in hospitals and other medical settings. It’s known for its ability to…

  • a can of cool it spray

    Cool-It Spray 200g

    $17.55 including GST

    Cool-It Spray: Instant Relief for Minor Skin Irritations Product Features: Instant Cooling Relief: Ideal for minor burns, sunburn, insect bites, and skin irritations. Convenient Spray Application: Easy-to-use 200g can with a spray nozzle for targeted relief. Fast-Absorbing, Non-Greasy Formula: Quickly dries on the skin, allowing you to continue your day without any residue. Safe and…

  • photo of a tube of healaid cream

    Healaid Antiseptic Cream 25g Tube

    $7.21 including GST

    HealAid Antiseptic Cream: Your Everyday Skin Savior Got a sunburn from that day at the beach? An unexpected blister from your new shoes? Or the little one has a nappy rash? Meet HealAid, the antiseptic cream designed for all those everyday skin challenges. Small enough to fit in your bag, but powerful enough to provide…

  • Stingose® Spray 100ml

    $22.67 including GST
  • Stingose® Spray 25ml

    $13.62 including GST
  • Supadine Povidone Iodine Spray

    $20.90 including GST

    Supadine Povidone-Iodine Spray: Your Trustworthy Antiseptic Solution Product Features: Highly Effective Antiseptic: Contains povidone-iodine, known for its strong antiseptic properties. Broad-Spectrum Application: Ideal for preventing infections in minor cuts, abrasions, burns, and more. Convenient Spray Format: Easy and hygienic application with its spray nozzle. Widely Available: Accessible across Australia, a crucial item in every first…

  • Wound Wipes Box 10

    $4.79 including GST