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Let's Make First Aid Easy

Meeting Government First Aid rules can be stressful, so let's make it easy. See how we can help you with our free first aid consults.

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Practical and Interesting

Our courses focus on developing practical skills not on medical jargon or stories. You'll love learning new skills in our engaging courses.

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Stay up to date

Keep your skills up to date with our first aid guide. Learn practical skills, legal requirements and download great infographics

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Australia's Best Kits Now Online

You can find the right kit for your workplace on our new online store.

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An onsite first aid course is being conducted
A first aid course is being conducted. People are sitting around adult, child and infant manakins.
People practice CPR on infants and children to get them ready to provide childcare.
Electrocution is a risk that first aid needs to address.

An icon demonstrating that our first aid kits and servicing meet government standards.
An Icon showing that we have first aid expertise.
A symbol indicating that our first aid advice is cost effective.
An image of people practicing CPR on infants.
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09/05/2022 by Jack

First Aid Guide
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First Aid saves lives. So let's think about it more than just once a year. We've created a free first aid guide filled with articles on practical skills, business requirements as well awesome printable infographics.

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Dec 17, 2021 by Jack

Sort this checklist to be First Aid compliant for 2022
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Each State's First Aid Code of practice has a handy checklist that can give you an idea of if your workplace is meeting first aid standards. Let’s take a look at each question and go through some basics!

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Nov 21, 2021 by Jack

3 Tips for Great Quality CPR
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6 out of 10. That’s how many medical professionals CPR was not as good as it could be according to one study. Giving good CPR is challenging, but not impossible! Let’s look at 3 brief reminders that will help!

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Jan 14, 2022 by Jack

Navigate the world of first aid with our Ultimate Guide
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Read our ultimate guide to meeting first aid regulations in your area.

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