Cabinets and Racks

Let’s face it: your defibrillator needs a home. And that home can’t be just anywhere. It needs to be a place where your defibrillator will be easily seen, and well-cared for.

That’s why we’ve got a great range of cabinets and racks for defibrillators. We’ve got a wide range of cases, cabinets and racks so that your defibrillator is always protected from the elements.

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  • A yellow tough case with a defibrillator sticker

    AED Tough Case

    $192.50 including GST

    Do you work in remote locations? Is your Defibrillator regularly transported or in vehicles?

    Keep your AED safe on the road with this AED tough case.

  • An alarmed cabinet for a defibrillator

    Alarmed AED Cabinet

    $262.90 including GST

    Keep your staff and safety investment safe with this Defibrillator cabinet. Its alarm and in built strobe light will help alert those in your workplace to the emergency at hand.

  • Outdoor AED Cabinet

    $357.50 including GST

    Need to keep your defibrillator in an outdoor area? This IP-rated cabinet will keep your safety investment protected.

  • The CC60 lockable outdoor aed cabinet

    Outdoor Lockable AED Cabinet

    $550.00 including GST

    Product Code: CC-60 Category: Safety Cabinets and Racks Description: Emergencies demand quick accessibility to life-saving equipment, and that’s where the importance of AED’s location comes into play. Yet, the potential risk of theft or tampering might be a concern. CARDIACT’s CC-60 Alarmed Outdoor AED Cabinet, exclusively available at Accidental Health and Safety, addresses this concern…

  • A standard cabinet for AED's with signage

    Standard AED Cabinet

    $181.50 including GST

    A great value standard AED cabinet with signage approved by the Australian Resuscitation Council.