The First Aid Guys- Mr Bean First Aid Fail

Recently, two of our first aid trainers watched a review of MR Bean giving CPR and looked at what you should actually do. Watch the video above or read the transcript below.


Tony: Hi I’m Tony!
Jack: Hi I’m Jack!
Tony: And today we’re going to watch MR Bean giving CPR.
Jack: We’ll compare it to reality and learn some really interesting facts. Let’s Watch!

Heart Attacks and Cardiac Arrest

Jack: Oh man…. so right off the bat a man falls unconscious after having a heart attack. Is this what a heart attack would actually look like?
Tony: Oh, perhaps not as dramatic, but people do clutch their chest, they feel pain and eventually they will go down.
Jack: So often people use the terms cardiac arrest and heart attack interchangeably, are they the same thing?
Tony: Well there not actually Jack, heart attacks are more a plumbing related issue where the blood-flow to the heart is restricted. Cardiac arrest is an electrical issue of the heart, the impulses that operate the pump action are interrupted causing the heart to not function properly

Do we still check for Pulse?

Jack: So what’s he doing there?
Tony: Well it looks like he was taking a pulse?
Jack: Do we still do that anymore?
Tony: No we don’t. Most people cant locate a pulse properly. With the stress of an emergency it would be difficult. The more accurate thing to do would be to check if he is breathing. We have the look listen and feel test that we teach people and basically you put the ear to the mouth and hand on the chest. What we look for is the rise and fall of the hand of the chest and to listen to breathing. If those things aren’t evident than obviously the person is in trouble.

Send for Help

Jack: Oh, so it looked like he was trying to send for help but it wasn’t really going well.
Tony: Sometimes we will go fairly far into the rescue and then realise, oh we should have got the ambulance here. We want to get the clock started as early as possible.


Jack: Man… on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate that CPR.
Tony: I don’t think I’ve got a scale for that one. Maybe 0. I did love the foot pump bit but it doesn’t work very well.
Jack: He’s grossed out by giving mouth to mouth. Is giving breaths something we still do when giving CPR.
Tony: If we don’t have a mask we want to make sure we don’t get a cross infection from the persons fluid. We can do compressions that’s ok, but if we do breaths that’s even better. We increase the oxygen levels of the blood for our person in need which helps the person receive life saving oxygen.

Pill Time

Jack: So should you ever give pills to someone who’s unconscious?
Tony: No never, first aiders aren’t allowed to give analgesics like that and especially not in the matter he gave it. We would be heading towards a choking session!


Tony: Oh that’s shocking
Jack: Can jumper cables actually revive someone’s heart.
Tony: Highly unlikely, defibrillators are designed to be able to pass a current through the heart and revive a person successfully.
Jack:…. in ways that jumper cables definitely cannot. That’s why we are seeing them everywhere. I think its so great because if someone can receive defibrillation within the first 3-5 minutes their chances of survival are so much higher than if they have to wait for an ambulance.


Jack: So in real life, if someone is defibrillated do they get up that quick?
Tony: No they don’t Jack. From experience people are quite stressed. They’ve undergone quite a bad experience so they’ll take a bit of time to recover. Keep the pads attached and wait for the ambulance to arrive. We keep him calm. We don’t say “Hey Joe! You had a massive heart attack, you were dead man. that will just stress him out.

Wrap Up

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