Work Health & Safety Vehicle First Aid Kit

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Essential Preparedness with the Work Health & Safety Vehicle First Aid Kit

In a world where mobility meets uncertainty, the Work Health & Safety Vehicle First Aid Kit stands as an indispensable ally. Tailored to meet and exceed Work Health & Safety Compliance for vehicles, this kit is an essential for company cars and fleets. Encased in a sturdy 600D/PVC fabric with a secure double zip closure, it promises durability and ease of access. Its compact design, coupled with fold-out storage, makes it a space-efficient lifesaver for any emergency situation on the road.

Key Features of the Accidental Vehicle First Aid Kit:

  • Compact and Compliant: Fits neatly in your vehicle, meeting Work Health & Safety standards.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with a tough 600D/PVC construction to withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Organized and Accessible: Fold-out storage design allows for easy reach of all first aid components.
  • Quality Assured: Filled with a comprehensive array of quality first aid supplies tailored for vehicle-related incidents.


  1. What should be in a vehicle first aid kit?
    • A vehicle first aid kit should include a range of items to address common emergencies, such as adhesive tapes, alcohol wipes, various bandages, CPR pocket card, thermal blanket, gauze, scissors, safety pins, injury register book, and more, all of which are included in our Work Health & Safety Vehicle First Aid Kit.
  2. Why is a vehicle first aid kit necessary?
    • A vehicle first aid kit is vital for providing immediate assistance during medical emergencies on the road, particularly in remote areas or during travel delays when medical help may not be instantly available.
  3. How is this kit tailored for vehicles?
    • This kit is designed with a compact and durable build, ensuring it can be stored easily in a vehicle and withstand the movements and conditions of travel. The contents are selected to manage a variety of possible road-related injuries.
  4. What distinguishes this vehicle first aid kit from others?
    • Our kit not only meets but exceeds Work Health & Safety Compliance standards for vehicles, ensuring a high level of preparedness. It is organized for quick access and contains a comprehensive range of quality first aid items tailored for emergencies that can occur on the road.
  5. Is the kit easy to use for someone without medical training?
    • Absolutely. Although we absolutely recommend first aid training so that you can get the most out of your kit. The kit includes an Easy First Aid Booklet, a CPR Resuscitation Pocket Card, and all items are designed for intuitive use. Moreover, items like the Disposable Resusi-Safe Face Shield come with instructions to guide a novice through proper usage.

Dimensions: W265 x H200 x D75mm

Health Warning: Always read the label and follow the directions for use. The Work Health & Safety Vehicle First Aid Kit is your trustworthy companion for all company vehicles, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle unforeseen incidents, contributing to the safety and well-being of all occupants during every journey.