Do First Aid Kits Have Thermometers?

When assembling the essential supplies in your first aid kit, a thermometer may not be the first thing that comes to mind but since Covid they have been more popular than ever. But do you really need one? The short answer is no – standard first aid kits generally do not include thermometers. However, some kits tailored for specific situations could benefit from having one on hand. Let’s break it down.

The Contents of A Basic First Aid Kit

The first aid kits available in most pharmacies and online stores contain basic medical supplies to treat minor wounds, burns, sprains and other common injuries. According to the First Aid Code of Practice, the standard kit should have gloves, bandages, trauma dressings, eye pads, antiseptic, medicine like paracetamol, tweezers, scissors and more [1]. It focuses on visible injuries rather than illness.

Thermometers check for fever indicating infection or illness internally. So they serve more of a diagnostic than first aid purpose. Workplace first aid requirements have a broader scope with infection control. But home kits aim for practical essentials to encourage having one on hand [2]. Adding too many items causes unnecessary complexity and cost.

When Thermometers Are Useful

While standard kits lack thermometers, some specialized first aid preparedness kits do include them. Reasons could include:

  • Workplace infection screening protocols
  • Remote travel where medical care is limited
  • Preparedness for situations like pandemics
  • Families with small children prone to fevers

Nurses or emergency responders may carry clinical grade thermometers as well.

For a household kit, assessing if you need a thermometer comes down to your situation. Consider factors like having infants who can spike high fevers quickly or living remotely. Having one on hand allows identifying a fever requiring medical intervention promptly. It provides information a basic kit lacks.

Thermometer Options

If you determine having a thermometer would be prudent, there are affordable options to throw in your first aid kit. Here are top choices:

Forehead/Ear Thermometers – Quick and hygienic non-contact temperature taking. Easy to use and read for the layperson.

forehead thermometer

Oral Digital Thermometers – Classic option; relatively accurate and straight-forward. More cleaning required between uses.

oral digital thermometer

Disposable Thermometers – Convenient strips that indicate a fever through a colour change on the strip. Cost effective for one time use.

disposable thermometer

While standard kits have the essentials for basic care, personalizing and adding items like thermometers help prepare your household for more situations. Use our free guide to learn more about constructing the ideal first aid kit and explore available thermometers to make fever detection easy. Being prepared with the right supplies empowers you to handle emergencies and improves outcomes.

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