Should My Employer Pay for My First Aid Training?

Doing a first aid course? Should your boss should foot the bill for your first aid training? Or should it come out of your pocket. Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re getting first aid trained in Toowoomba, pay close attention—this one’s for you.

The Legal Lowdown

First things first, your employer has a duty to make sure there are trained first aid officers in the building. This usually means, practically speaking, they should be paying for the training. Why? Because they often ask for volunteers.

The Fine Print: Awards and Agreements

Here’s where it gets spicy. The legal requirement for your boss to pay up isn’t strictly covered by health and safety laws. Instead, it depends on modern awards, enterprise agreements, or specific job contracts.

These laws can vary so it’s always best to call fair work

Take the childcare sector, for example. According to the Fair Work childcare award:

  • First Aid Allowance (15.4[a]): If you’re below Level 3 and need to administer first aid, your boss has to pay you an allowance.
  • Training Costs: If you’re required to act as a first aid officer but don’t have the qualifications yet, guess what? The boss must cover your training costs.

So, if you’re a childcare worker, it’s often required for your work to pay.

Why Your Boss Should Pay

Here’s a few reasons why it’s great for employers to pay for first aid training.

  1. Safety First, Captain Obvious: Trained employees make for a safer workplace. Duh!
  2. Ticking the Legal Box: Employers need to comply with health and safety laws. Paying for your training helps with that.
  3. Happy Employees, Happy Life: When the company covers training costs, it shows they care. You stay happy, and happy employees stick around longer.
  4. Avoiding the Legal Drama: If something goes wrong and you’re trained, the company avoids major legal hassles.

How Employers Can Make It Happen

  1. Check the Fine Print: Employers should review contracts and awards to understand their obligations.
  2. Bring Training On-Site: It saves time and money and ensures everyone is trained to the same standard. We’ve got great on-site options.
  3. Budget for Training: Planning ahead for training expenses can prevent financial surprises.
  4. Clear Communication: Let employees know if their training is covered and why it’s important.


So, should your employer pay for your first aid training? Heck yes! It’s good for safety, keeps them compliant with the law, makes you happier, and reduces legal risks. For those in Toowoomba, you’ve got great local options like Accidental Health & Safety Toowoomba to get your training done right.

Getting your boss to pay for your training isn’t just a good idea—it’s common sense. So next time you’re up for first aid training, remind them of the benefits and make sure they cover it. Your workplace will be safer, and you’ll be better prepared for emergencies. Win-win!

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