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First Aid Rooms: What You Need to Know

First aid rooms are a vital component of workplace safety, especially in high-risk environments. Their presence can mean the difference between rapid response and delayed care during a medical emergency. Here’s a comprehensive look at first aid rooms, with insights based on the first aid code of practice.

What is a First Aid Room?

A first aid room is a designated area within the workplace equipped to administer immediate first aid. It should be clean, quiet, and afford privacy, and provide easy access and movement for injured people, considering support or transportation by stretcher or wheelchair.

When are First Aid Rooms Recommended in a Workplace?

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A first aid room is recommended for:

  • Low-risk workplaces with 200 workers or more
  • High-risk workplaces with 100 workers or more

It’s particularly beneficial in areas where there’s a higher risk of serious injury or illness requiring immediate care.
It’s particularly beneficial in areas where there’s a higher risk of serious injury or illness requiring immediate care.

What Should You Have in First Aid Rooms?

The contents of a first aid room should align with the specific hazards of the workplace. According to the first aid code of practice, the following items should be provided:

  • A first aid kit appropriate for the workplace
  • Hygienic hand cleanser and disposable paper towels
  • An examination couch with a waterproof surface and disposable sheets
  • An examination lamp with magnifier
  • Storage cupboard
  • Containers for soiled waste and safe disposal of sharps
  • A bowl or bucket (minimum 2 liters capacity)
  • Electric power points
  • Chair, table or desk
  • Telephone and/or emergency call system
  • Names and contact details of first aiders and emergency organizations
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What is the Minimum Size of a First Aid Room?

The appropriate floor area for a first aid room should be around 14 square meters minimum as a guide, allowing for easy access and movement.

What Height Should First Aid Be Mounted?

The entrance to a first aid room should be clearly marked with first aid signage. While the code doesn’t specifically define a height, it must be noticeable and comply with general guidelines for accessibility.

Great Gear for First Aid Rooms

It’s important to ensure that first aid rooms are equipped with high-quality products. We offer great gear tailored to the specific needs of various workplaces. From first aid kits to examination lamps, our selection supports a well-prepared and responsive first aid room. Keen to learn more about first aid? Check out our first aid guide.

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