What you need to know about First Aid Stickers

It’s important that your first aid kit stand out in an emergency! You might be thinking of getting stickers to replace the old worn ones on your kit, or perhaps your trying to follow the Australian First Aid Code of practice and make your gear more visible, or provide information.

In this article we’ll tell you what you need to know about First Aid Stickers!

Stickers Vs Signs

The first thing to ask yourself: is this a job for a sticker or a sign? Signs are more durable, and can be more visible. Signs like this one are even angled so you can see them better no matter where you are.

We’ve all seen sad, barely seen stickers trying their best to show that once upon a time someone cared.

That being said, you’ll still need stickers at times. If the one on your first aid kit has faded or been damaged it’s best to change them. Another important reason for stickers is that if a first aid kit or Defibrillator is kept in a vehicle people around will know! Where should you put the sticker on the vehicle? We recommend on a window, usually on the side so it is well visible but doesn’t obstruct the drivers view.

a ute with a first aid sticker

Wall Chart Stickers

Another type of First Aid Sticker to consider is first aid wall charts. In emergency situations having a quick reference often means a quick and confident response. We’ve got free A4 charts that you can download and print on sticker paper or laminate and blu-tac up. There are so many available. Rather than printing them all choose the ones relevant to what could happen in your location and put them up. Always include a CPR chart as well.

printable wall stickers sample

Sticker Solutions

So let’s recap: Stickers are great, but for the right purpose. Don’t get a sticker to do a signs Job, and take advantage of the great Wall Chart Stickers you can download for free here at Accidental Health & Safety. Let’s get that first aid kit visible!

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