Empty First Aid Bags: Making the right choice

There are a variety of situations where you might want to get your hands on an empty first aid bag. You might want to put a kit together for work, home or the car.

We’re glad to let you know that we sell empty first aid bags. You can buy this 310 x 220 x 130mm high vis, durable, bad boy for around $45.

We’ll go through some advice on empty first aid bags in this article. Is it best to get one, or should you go prebuilt? If you DIY it, what should you include? Let’s find out

Empty First Aid Box: DIY vs Ready to Go First aid kits

Many people want to buy a first aid box to put in scattered first aid supplies from around the house, and that can be a great idea. Other people want to purchase an empty first aid bag to make themselves a custom first aid kit, filled with supplies they need.

What should go in a DIY first aid kit.

There’s a handy list in a document called the First Aid Code of practice. This document outlines what’s essential for the workplace but can also give you ideas of what to put in a personal kit. We’ve written an article that contains that list and a bit about the items it recommends.

Often though, you’ll find it better to go prebuilt. It’s cheaper to bundle items together, and if you have any specific needs for your kit you can add in extra “modules” for those extra little things you might want for your kit like additional snakebite bandages an eye washing station or sharps disposal unit. You’d be surprised about how affordable compliant kits can be.

Little First Aid Kits

Sometimes the reason for an empty bag is the want for a little first aid kit. While big kits are always better because they cover more injuries, smaller first aid kits can contain some necessities that will help.

Online stores like Temu often have empty first aid bags that are quite compact for the $6-7 mark. Once you’ve purchased them, you won’t be able to fit everything but a few basics are good.

What if you decide to pre-buy an a little first aid kit? When purchasing a little first aid kit, don’t pay too much attention to the number of items in the kit. A 65 piece kit might just be 50 band-aids and 15 useful items, whereas a smaller 40 piece kit might have 30 really helpful items and only 10 band-aids. You get the point, quality over quantity.

Our cheapest little first aid kit is our handy personal first aid pouch. One reason we recommend it is because it has 2 wound dressings. These are handy all in one bandages that can even help pack out deeper wounds. It’s often not included in a kit that’s only $23.

Home First Aid Box

It’s absolutely worth getting a home first aid box. Injuries often occur at the home. Grazed knees, sprained wrists and burns are all things that a first aid kit for home can absolutely help with. You’ll want to include

A Conforming Bandage, gloves, a book with some quick first aid guidance, a thermal blanket for shock, something to clean wounds, a triangular bandage and wound dressings for heavier wounds.,

If your keen for the pre-bought route instead of empty you could consider a personal first aid kit like this one.

You’ve got it in the bag

We hope this article has given you some great ideas of what to include in an empty first aid bag, or given you some guidance on comparing empty bags with ready to go kits. Whether it’s an empty bag or a ready to go kit, we hope you’ll choose us as your first aid supplier!

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