Outdoor Lockable AED Cabinet

$550.00 including GST



Product Code: CC-60 Category: Safety Cabinets and Racks

Description: Emergencies demand quick accessibility to life-saving equipment, and that’s where the importance of AED’s location comes into play. Yet, the potential risk of theft or tampering might be a concern. CARDIACT’s CC-60 Alarmed Outdoor AED Cabinet, exclusively available at Accidental Health and Safety, addresses this concern adeptly.

Key Features:

  • Security: Heavy-duty code lock acts as a robust deterrent for potential thieves.
  • Alarm System: Dual-purpose – deters unauthorized access and signals an ongoing emergency, ensuring immediate attention.
  • 9v Battery Powered Alarm, no mains input required
  • Protection: Its waterproof sealing is meticulously designed to prevent moisture infiltration, offering added protection in damp or saline environments.

Ensure your AED is not just available, but also safe and secure. With Accidental Health and Safety’s trusted solutions, prioritize safety without compromising on security.