Healaid Antiseptic Cream 25g Tube

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HealAid Antiseptic Cream: Your Everyday Skin Savior

Got a sunburn from that day at the beach? An unexpected blister from your new shoes? Or the little one has a nappy rash? Meet HealAid, the antiseptic cream designed for all those everyday skin challenges. Small enough to fit in your bag, but powerful enough to provide rapid relief and support healing wherever you are.

What’s Inside:

  • Phenol (1% w/w): A known antiseptic agent.
  • Boric Acid (0.5% w/w): Helps to soothe and treat minor skin irritations.
  • Zinc Oxide (5% w/w): Popularly used for its protective properties, especially for nappy rashes.

Everyday Uses:

  • Blisters from those stylish yet not-so-comfy shoes.
  • That sunburn from the unexpected sunny day.
  • Accidental cuts from kitchen adventures.
  • Nappy rash from the little one’s adventures.
  • Random sores and even those pesky haemorrhoids.

How to Use:

Simply clean the affected area and apply the cream liberally. Let HealAid work its magic!

Safety First:

Always remember, it’s for external use. Keep it away from the eyes and if, by any chance, it feels irritating, it’s best to stop using it. If the problem persists, a chat with your doctor might be a good idea. And, oh! Let’s keep it away from those curious little hands of kids.

Why Everyone’s Loving HealAid:

Life comes with its tiny challenges. And for most of those skin-related ones, our community swears by HealAid. It’s not just a cream; it’s having peace of mind in a 25g tube. So, why wait for the next minor skin crisis? Be prepared with HealAid.