Sterile Plastic Sheet Small 20 x 20

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Sterile Plastic Sheet Small 20 x 20: Essential First Aid Accessory

Product Features:

  • Sterile and Safe: Ensures a hygienic covering for injuries.
  • Perfect Size: 20 x 20 cm, ideal for small to medium-sized injuries.
  • Clear Plastic Sheeting: Allows for easy monitoring of the injury without unwrapping.
  • Versatile Use: Excellent for wrapping burns once they are covered with burn aid gel.

Product Description: The Sterile Plastic Sheet Small 20 x 20 is a vital component in any first aid kit, especially for burn care. It is designed to safely cover injuries, particularly burns, after they have been treated with burn aid gel. The clear nature of this plastic sheeting, often referred to as a plastic film or wrap, allows for easy observation of the injury without removing the cover, ensuring continuous protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Clear Plastic Sheeting Called? Clear plastic sheeting like the Sterile Plastic Sheet is often referred to as plastic film or plastic wrap in medical contexts.

What are Plastic Sheets Called? In a medical setting, plastic sheets used for covering injuries are commonly known as sterile sheets or plastic films.

What is Plastic Sheet Used For? Plastic sheets are used in first aid to cover and protect injuries. For burns, they are used over burn aid gel to secure the gel in place and prevent contamination, without adhering to the injury.

Usage Tips:

  • For Burns: Apply burn aid gel to the burn first, then cover with the Sterile Plastic Sheet to protect the area.
  • Do Not Apply Directly to Skin: These sheets are not to be  placed directly on open wounds or burns without a protective layer of burn aid gel or similar treatment.

The Sterile Plastic Sheet Small 20 x 20 is an indispensable addition to your first aid supplies, providing a safe and effective way to cover and protect burns and other injuries.