Heartsine PAD360P Automatic AED


 The PAD360p by Heartsine is a great value Defibrillator.  Its pads have a long 4-year shelf life which means less maintenance and costs for you.

Its simple to follow instructions and automatic shock delivery make it easy to provide lifesaving treatment.

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Why choose the Heartsine Pad360p?

✓ Great Value Option
✓ Automatic Defibrillator
✓ 8 Year Warranty
✓ 4 Year Battery and Pad Warranty
✓ IP56 rating dust and splash proof

The PAD360p is a great value Automatic Defibrillator created by Heartsine.  It has been designed with low maintenance in mind. The PAD360p has a combined battery and pad pack that only needs changing when used or every 4 years. It has an IP56 rating which means this compact device is dust and splash-proof. Its simple to use verbal instructions help you handle an emergency with confidence.


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