Lifepak CR2 Essential Semi-Automatic AED


The Lifepak CR2 essential semi-automatic Defibrillator comes with great features such as child mode and CLEARVOICE technology to help make your workplace as safe as possible.

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Why is the Lifepak CR2 Essential Semi-Automatic AED right for you?

The Lifepak CR2 Essential Semi-Automatic AED is full of lifesaving features.

  • The Lifepak CR2’s advanced monitoring technology can analyze heart rhythms even while chest compressions are being given. This allows you to spend more time on lifesaving CPR.
  • The device has inbuilt child mode that gives a shock appropriate to children under 8 years old or 25kgs.
  • CLEARVOICE technology detects background noise and increases volume to compensate, so you can clearly hear lifesaving instructions.

With a rock-solid 8 year warranty, you can keep your staff and customers safe for years to come.

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