ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic with AED Cover




Boost your emergency preparedness with the ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic, a pioneering cardiac rescue tool that reimagines what’s possible in lifesaving intervention. With cost-effective maintenance and straightforward servicing, it’s an essential asset that underscores your safety and comfort.

The ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic is remarkable for its Real CPR Help® integration. Tailored to assist you in executing perfect CPR, it features the cutting-edge CPR-D-padz®. This unified electrode pad ensures easy alignment, following the CPR hand positioning, and has an impressive five-year longevity.

This Semi-Automatic AED enhances your life-saving efforts, ensuring your CPR actions are precise. It delivers real-time guidance, directing you to “Apply more pressure” or acknowledging “Correct compressions.” Uniquely, it’s the only AED with an LCD that showcases compression depth – helping you to administer the most effective lifesaving actions.

Every CPR-D-padz® package consists of all essentials for rapid emergency response – a CPR facial barrier, medical scissors, single-use gloves, shaving apparatus, cleansing towel, and a damp cloth. A total life-saving solution in one comprehensive kit!

Trustworthiness is central with the ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic. Utilizing readily available 123 lithium batteries, it guarantees uncomplicated battery replacement and a dependable 5-year duration for your emergency device.

The package encompasses an instructional guide, an essential cardiac support poster, and access to ZOLL’s web-based training center. Whether you are a novice or expert, the ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic ensures simplicity and efficiency.

Embrace the ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic, and you’re ushering in a new paradigm in cardiac emergency assistance. With its superior build, unwavering dependability, economical maintenance, and effortless handling, it’s the AED you can rely on when every moment is vital.

Opt for the responsible solution in cardiac emergency preparedness today with the ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic. It’s not merely a tool – it’s your companion in life preservation.