Workplace First Aid Kit Must-Haves

What You Need to Meet Requirements…

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Ah, the workplace! A magical land of coffee runs, office gossip, and… unexpected accidents? Even the safest of office environments can’t avoid the occasional mishap. And when that happens, you’ll want to be prepared to keep your staff safe and sound. You also want to make sure your legally protected. Enter the humble first aid kit: your secret weapon in the battle against bumps, bruises, and burns. What first aid kit must-haves do you need? Fear not, we’ve got you covered!

First Aid Kit Must-Have Items According to Australian First Aid Code of Practice

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The Australian First Aid Code of Practice is a document that sets out first aid regulations for Australia. It has a nifty little list of must-haves for your workplace first aid kit (check appendix E) We’ve got a link to it in the article, and you can check our handy list of suggestions here.

We’ve also written a Quick and Easy Guide to the Australian First Aid Code of Practice, so check it out if you’d like to fully understand your first aid requirements.`

Often Overlooked Items

When we visit a workplace to see if it’s compliant, here are a few items that are commonly forgotten.

Essential Item 1: Burn-Aid

Burn-aid gel product from Aero Healthcare

For those pesky coffee spills or burns in the workshop, Burn-Aid gel and dressings are your best friends. These cool and soothing products help minimize the damage and reduce the pain. Especially if you need to take a staff member with burns to hospital, having burn-aid gel will not only reduce their pain but will reduce scarring. Make sure you have enough to cover a decent burn.

Essential Item 2: Antiseptics

chlorexidine or another antiseptic is a first aid kit must-have

Cuts, scrapes, and scratches, oh my! Keep your workplace germ-free with some trusty antiseptics, like chlorhexidine. These bad boys will help prevent infections and keep those minor injuries from turning into major problems. The problem: We’ve noticed that many workplace first aid kits don’t have enough antiseptics in their kit to assist with more major injuries. All too often, you can go through all your antiseptics with just a minor wound, so make sure you have enough in your kit for larger bleeds.

Essential Item 3: Crepe Bandages

an image of 4 crepe bandages which are first aid kit must-haves

Sprains and strains can happen to anyone, whether they’re lifting heavy boxes or engaging in some spontaneous office parkour. When stocking your kit, make sure to have a variety of crepe bandages for those twisty-turny moments when your employees need a little extra support. Having just smaller bandages won’t do. Don’t forget a 10 cm crepe bandage for serious bleeding and pressure application, as it’s often overlooked in off-the-shelf kits.

Target Your First Aid Kit Must-Haves to Your Workplace Risks:

Every workplace is different, so it’s essential to tailor your first aid kit to the specific risks in your environment. Here are a few examples:

  1. Construction sites: Include heavy-duty adhesive bandages and dressings to protect against cuts and scrapes from rough materials, as well as a supply of sunscreen for outdoor work.
  2. Restaurants and kitchens: Ensure you have burn dressings and blue adhesive bandages (which are detectable if accidentally dropped in food) for those inevitable kitchen mishaps.
  3. Where chemicals are handled: You’ll be best off with an eyewash solution to rinse away harmful chemicals.

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So there you have it, a crash course in first aid kit essentials! And guess what? You don’t have to scour the ends of the earth to find them. At Accidental Health and Safety, we have a variety of kits that meet and exceed the Australian First Aid Code of Practice. Check out our store and give your workplace the protection it deserves! Our experts would love to do a free consult to help you find the right kit for you. Happy bandaging, folks!

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