ZOLL AED Plus® Automatic with Protective AED Cover




Elevate your emergency preparedness with the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus®, a revolutionary cardiac emergency device that sets new benchmarks. Its affordable maintenance and effortless serviceability make it an essential addition that prioritizes your well-being.

What distinguishes the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus® is its Real CPR Help® feature. Designed to guide you to perform CPR at its best, this device is armed with the state-of-the-art CPR-D-padz®. This unified electrode pad is not only easy to position, using the hand placement as your guide but also offers an impressive five-year life span.

This AED takes your rescue efforts further, ensuring your compressions are on point. With real-time feedback, it advises you to “Press more firmly” or confirms “Excellent compressions”. It’s also the sole AED that shows compression depth on an LCD screen – enabling you to administer highly effective CPR.

Every CPR-D-padz® set comes with all necessary items for quick life-saving action – including a CPR face shield, cutting scissors, one-time-use gloves, shaving razor, towel, and wet wipe. A comprehensive emergency solution in a single package!

Trust is paramount with the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus®. Utilizing commonly found 123 lithium batteries, it guarantees straightforward battery substitution and a firm 5-year lifespan for your device.

Included in the bundle are a user manual, an essential life support reference poster, and entry to ZOLL’s digital education portal. No matter your skill level, the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus® ensures accessibility and convenience.

Invest in the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus® and welcome a new era in cardiac emergency intervention. With its exceptional construction, steadfast reliability, economic upkeep, and intuitive usage, it’s the AED that supports you when timing is crucial.

Choose the intelligent path in cardiac emergency preparedness with the Automatic ZOLL AED Plus®. It’s not just an instrument – it’s a dependable ally in saving lives.