First Aid Chart Bonanza

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Your workplace has risks, and it’s great to have a first aid chart on the wall that can help your staff remember what to do when those challenges occur. In partnership with Allen’s Training we’ve got a wide range of charts for you to download, print, laminate and stick in the office or workshop.

Don’t forget we also have some other great infographics in our first aid guide to check out!
You can download select charts or download all using the buttons below. But before you do that he

Jacks favourites:
First Aid Wall Chart

Here’s my top suggestions for charts to print out. The resuscitation page is helpful, at our first aid courses the number one thing I encourage students to memorize is the DRSABCD action plan. Downloading the resuscitation wall chart and sticking it somewhere visible is a great idea. I also love the poisons wall chart. Its a great go to for quick action to different types of poisons and chemicals, and means that you can act quickly while someone looks for the relevant data sheet

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Sprains &

Remember the R.I.C.E.R acronym


Here’s what you should actually do to treat different burns


Don’t forget these helpful tips


Remember the DRSABCD Plan

Jellyfish Stings

For tropical/non-tropical

Chest Pain

Don’t get caught out, learn what to look for

Calling 000?

Here’s a few tips to remember

Chain of Survival

Guiding Principles


Breathe easy with this chart


React quickly to a reaction


Don’t forget this helpful advice


Handle it with confidence


Know what to do


Avoid these common myths


Act quickly and do this


This is how you handle it

Wheelchair CPR

Helpful Hints

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