a comic strip 1950s style of australians enjoying summer and of first aid kits

The Aussie Summer Survival Quiz

Ah, summer – that time when Australia turns up the heat and every day promises adventure and the unexpected. But with every epic beach day, backyard barbie, and hike through the bush, comes the need for a cool head and some savvy first aid knowledge. Enter "The Aussie Summer Survival Quiz: Test Your First Aid Smarts Down Under. Lets put your skills to the test

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1. Hiking in the Outback, your mate gets nipped by a slithery suspect. What's your first-aid response to keep them safe?

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2. At an awkward family reunion at the local RSL, Uncle Barry gets so choked up on a snag that no air is going in or out, and he's turning a shade of beetroot. What's your best move?

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3. During a barbie, a friend starts wheezing and scratching after a bee sting. You know they're allergic; how do you intervene?

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4. You're at a big music festival when a fellow fan starts feeling faint with a headache and clammy skin. What’s the right thing to do?

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5. At the cricket, someone's been bowled over for real — they're on the ground, unresponsive. You've called 000. While waiting for the ambulance, what's the correct CPR rhythm?

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At the beach, someone is flailing in the surf and yelling for help. Before the lifesavers arrive, what's your best immediate action from the shore?

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7. Dad's in the shed tinkering with the car, but in a moment of distraction, he takes a swig from a jerry can, mistaking it for his beer. The petrol is spat out immediately, but you're worried. What should you do?

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8. Your buddy takes a spill while rock climbing and now their ankle's looking like a ripe mango. What's your first move?

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9. At a sizzling summer cookout, your mate grazes their arm on the barbie. With no time to waste, what do you do?

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10. You're at the local swimming pool when someone collapses with a suspected heart attack. An AED is available. What should you do?

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