Snake Bite Bandage 10cm x 10.5m

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Introducing the Snake Bite Indicator Bandage – the perfect solution for those who love spending time outdoors but are a little wary of snakes and funnel-web spiders. This high-grade, heavyweight conforming bandage is designed specifically for snake and spider bites in Australia.

But what sets this bandage apart from the rest? Its continuous indicators, of course! These handy little markers are placed along the bandage, so you’ll know exactly how much tension to apply in order to provide the best possible treatment. And, when the rectangle indicator becomes a square, you’ll know that optimal tension has been achieved.

But that’s not all – this bandage is 10.5 meters in length when stretched, so it’s more than long enough to cover an entire limb. So why not add it to your emergency kit and give yourself some peace of mind when you’re out in the bush? With the Snake Bite Indicator Bandage, you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about those slithery critters.